The media here in Vancouver, Canada gave the local occupy movement a lot of attention.  Through this study I seek to explore and identify certain trends in print and online media articles related to the initial protest and later encampment.  I examine free articles, from weekly and daily print magazines such as the metro, the straight and various online sources.  Because of the nature of the studies variables, results are not objective, but reflect my personal understanding of the media articles in question.   Throughout the occupation at the Vancouver [Read More]

Personal Reflection on Violence in the Occupy movement

As I watch countless videos of elders and youth getting physically attacked by police forces during peaceful Occupy protests, my stomach tightens and I feel sick. I ask myself to what extent is the U.S truly respecting the First Amendment of free speech and assembly? It strikes me as hypocritical that we tell the people other countries to fight against an unjust government system, for example Egypt’s tyrannical government, but our own American citizens are silenced for “disturbing the peace.” The acts of violence by the police countering the Occupy [Read More]

"We are Students"- Lila Volkas

The piece “We are Students” was inspired by the popular video of the events that took place on November 18th, 2011 when peaceful Occupy UC Davis students were pepper sprayed in the face by police. I wanted to explore the role that violence plays in the non-violent Occupy movement. The red and blue background depicts the American public watching this event, while the cameras signify the important role of technology in the documentation and spreading of information of the Occupy movement. The injustice against these students was internationally recognized because [Read More]


“I am Not Moving” is a short film that illustrates America’s support for free speech and peoples’ rights…unless it occurs on our own continent.     I find this video chilling. It brings to light the hypocrisy of the North American political system and exposes the government’s desire to act only when it benefits them. The politicians in the clip are describing movements around the world, in Libya, Egypt, Iran and other countries, where the people are protesting and demanding their universal rights. They advocate in support of these people [Read More]