Dec 152011
Raw Milk

It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it. -Upton Sinclair Our food freedoms are increasingly in danger. Big Corporate Food mandates what we can and cannot eat. Health Canada and the FDA say raw milk is dangerous and makes people sick. Why? Why are the government and big food corporations restricting our access to traditional, natural, healthful foods such as raw milk? I believe it is because of two reasons: 1. Our lives are increasingly mediated by big corporations [Read More]


Occupy Movement vs. the Russian Revolution     While following the Occupy Movement these last few months something that really struck me was the similarity between this movement and the Russian Revolution that took place during the early twentieth centuries. Specifically, the division of wealth in Russia at the time, and how it played a major role in changing the political, social, and cultural aspects of Russia. To further illustrate the similarities between the Russian Revolution and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I decided to research the Russian Revolution, the [Read More]

Government Taking Control of GMO seeds in Hungary

  This is an article which I found very interesting. It occurred a while back in July 2011 but the point is the same and still current. Governments can control what goes on inside their borders regardless of corporate influence. Hungary has a strict policy on genetically modified seeds and they proved their allegiance to that policy. Regardless of the social and economic repercussions of their actions Hungary destroyed 1000 acres of modified seeds.              

The Lighter Side of Occupation (Occupy Jokes)

I have compiled a gallery of images relating to the Occupy movement, depicting how various types of inequalities are present within most social systems. Within any  system there will most likely be “the 1%” and the “99%”, and it seems as if someone or something comes out ahead, then the rest might be fighting a losing battle. Sometimes this feeling of hopelessness or defeat presents itself humorously, considering a perfect solution is not always available – but hey, if we can’t fix all our problems, at least we can laugh [Read More]

Technological Space, Contested Space

The virtual realm of the internet is an environment of humankind’s design.  In this environment, just as the natural environment, there are all sorts of social interactions and these interactions can produce narratives and counter-narratives.  Anyone participating in a study of ecological anthropology should be able to trace this web of narratives in order to fully understand the “big picture.”  The symbolism of this image is intended to show how the “official” narrative of the internet seeks to dominate those counter-narratives seeking change.  The red fist of uprising, clutching the [Read More]

Dec 012011

For anyone interested this is a funny photo on the occupy movement. It shows that there are definitely different perspectives out there.

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By sociologist William Robinson, a good historically contextualizing piece on global elites and their reaction to change.


“I am Not Moving” is a short film that illustrates America’s support for free speech and peoples’ rights…unless it occurs on our own continent.     I find this video chilling. It brings to light the hypocrisy of the North American political system and exposes the government’s desire to act only when it benefits them. The politicians in the clip are describing movements around the world, in Libya, Egypt, Iran and other countries, where the people are protesting and demanding their universal rights. They advocate in support of these people [Read More]