Occupying Ports Concerns

Standing in solidarity with a Seattle Union of longshore man who are being subjected to union busting the Occupy movement turns it’s sights to the Ports of Vancouver. “I understand where they are coming from but they just seem like very angry people…kind of blinded and avoid or don’t get into exposing the specific issues. They are still important points but it still feels too general. I’m worried they are loosing support,” Michael Harrhy a concerned Canadian citizen states. The targets of the recent Occupy Ports Protest were  terminal operators SSA Marine [Read More]


  I am shocked to see how many people do not seem to support the Occupy Movement. Many of my classmates, and indeed some of my close friends continue to find fault with some aspect of it. While there are some characteristics that I myself question, as a whole, I support the movement, and I believe in it.   Some faction of society has criticized every great movement when it began. Think of the movement to end slavery, or the movement for women’s rights. This doesn’t mean that it will [Read More]

How the Internet can Save the World: Opinions on the Internet as a Revolutionary Tool

The United States Congress is considering passing a bill that would severely restrict internet freedom (see http://campusprogress.org/articles/the_terrible_horrible_no-good_very_bad_internet_censorship_bills1/). While its stated intent is to prevent the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted materials, the bill itself is considered by many to be too broad and general: with its current format, it would fail to reach its stated intent but manage to confine the internet to specific patterns of use (for more information, see http://www.tehelka.com/story_main51.asp?filename=Op171211proscons.asp). The internet has become a key component in how the world functions day-to-day. As a widely used [Read More]

Would Collapse be Preferable?

  The Occupy movement can be characterized as movement to alter the course of society. Predicting dire circumstances in the future (economic and environmental), individuals are consciously attempting to change the path that our system is on. Perhaps this is all for not though. When we look at classic adaptive model used in resilience theory, comprehensive reorganization only occurs when the system has completely collapsed. The protests and the changing that they want to see implemented in my opinion will prevent or at very least postpone the eventual collapse that [Read More]

Guest Op-Ed with Natasha Gowda

For our project I would like to share a conversation I had with Natasha Gowda, a Community Outreach Representative for BC Hydro. I believe that her experience within the corporate world provides a different insight into our Occupy Vancouver project, as she shares her personal opinions with us through this guest ‘opinion editorial’. A transcript of our conversation is posted here with her permission.     Q: How would you describe the Occupy Vancouver movement?   A: I would say that Occupy Vancouver is a public display of dissatisfaction with [Read More]

The Occupy Movement and How it Changed My View of the World - A Personal Perspective

 With the recent popularization of the Occupy Wall Street movement spreading across the globe, I thought I would write a short personal piece concerning the ways that the Movement changed my perceptions about this planet and humanity. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to witness the Occupy Movement first hand by attending the Occupy camp set up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Throughout this personal perspective piece, my intentions are not to advocate for any specific side of this movement, rather, I am just telling my [Read More]

Dec 082011
The Future?

Occupy movement grappling with “new phase of life” – David P. Ball   Since the displacement of the camp outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, it’s evident that some people are wondering, what’s next? Here is an article from The Vancouver Observer detailing some of the possibilities that may arise even though the physical encampment has been dismantled. Despite the fact that the tents are no longer where they used to be, the ideas for change remain.   Some major points: -” ‘Organic’ global protest will continue highlighting economic inequality without [Read More]


Until a year ago I believed that Canada, as a nation was a fairly “green” country. That is to say that our country, our government, and major businesses and corporations were working towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable means of living. While researching our country’s stance in last years Climate Change Conference that took place last winter, I was sadly disappointed in our country’s environmental stance. Among the largely negative influence that Canada had, the most terrible, in my eyes, were the Albertan tar sands. The many organizations looking [Read More]


Occupy Wall Street has spread beyond New York City and is now active all over the globe in up 1,500 cities. The movement has grounding in the number of people upset with the way the economy has been damaged by a few rich individuals (the 1%). The social movement has the possibility to put pressure on those in power to institute change but for this to happen, collective action needs to be combined with a collective goal. Inspired by the social uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, the Occupy movement’s aim [Read More]

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Don't Pay My Tuition: Considering Sensible Goals for the Occupy Movement

This video, lists some of the statistics that might be important to those who are looking to become informed about the Occupy movement. While quite simplistic, the video correctly describes the situation being protested by people across the globe. The figures describe unemployment in the USA and the great inequality between the wealthiest and the poorest people in the nation. It portrays the underlying socioeconomic problems being confronted by ‘occupiers’. It demonstrates a clear purpose in comparison to some of the vague and unreasonable demands seen throughout the movement. I [Read More]


Listen to CBC’s Ideas interview with Chris Hedges on The Empire of Illusion “We dare not become disillusioned because our illusions are the very house in which we live” —–D. Boorstein


“I am Not Moving” is a short film that illustrates America’s support for free speech and peoples’ rights…unless it occurs on our own continent.     I find this video chilling. It brings to light the hypocrisy of the North American political system and exposes the government’s desire to act only when it benefits them. The politicians in the clip are describing movements around the world, in Libya, Egypt, Iran and other countries, where the people are protesting and demanding their universal rights. They advocate in support of these people [Read More]

Nov 302011

Below is a video clip which exposes the people behind the financial crisis that sparked the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Director’s Statement: “Generations of American taxpayers have bailed out today’s big banks to the tune of $12 trillion (New York Times, July 2011). That is $83,000 p American taxpayer, plus interest. Still today, the big banks gamble with government (taxpayer) backing – a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ scenario. This absurd scenario obliterates any notion of a true free-market society, we are slowly being reduced to a feudal society: [Read More]