The media here in Vancouver, Canada gave the local occupy movement a lot of attention.  Through this study I seek to explore and identify certain trends in print and online media articles related to the initial protest and later encampment.  I examine free articles, from weekly and daily print magazines such as the metro, the straight and various online sources.  Because of the nature of the studies variables, results are not objective, but reflect my personal understanding of the media articles in question.   Throughout the occupation at the Vancouver [Read More]

Occupy Vancouver: Movement or Movements?

Looking at the Occupy Vancouver list of demands, one gets the feeling that the Occupy “movement” is not a single unified entity but rather a collection of people with distinct agendas. Their demands touch everything from bank interest rates to the use of pesticides.   While the demands do represent legitimate problems that Canadian society faces, the list as a whole does not represent a single movement. What began on Wall Street as a protest against economic policy has morphed into a society-wide set of movements that have been grouped [Read More]

The 99% in Perspective

This post has been produced by Sharlene and Michele. In the many and diverse voices that I hear coming out of the 99% the loudest one is calling for “more equality!” How catchy, just and noble! …But lets step aside from all these voices, take a deep breath and ponder about our position in the world… As part of the 99%, are we really so worse off? The 99%! …and the 99TH% WE don’t have to go too far to realize how lucky we are and how well off we [Read More]