The Demographics of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been characterized by the media as unemployed youth or aging hippies who are looking to rekindle the protest movements of the 1960’s. The Denver Police Department went as far a calling the protesters in that city “grungy hippies” and “yahoos.” The actual on the ground demographics of the dedicated Wall Street protesters show a somewhat different reality. Douglas E. Schoen conducted a survey of face-to-face interviews of self-identified protesters in Zuccotti Park on October 10 and 11th to see exactly who the protesters actually [Read More]

Political Bias in News Media: Fox Business' Follow The Money Unmasks The Muppets' Liberal Agenda: "Brainwashing" Your Kids!

Fox News on the Muppets on YouTube The ways in which knowledge is constructed and disseminated can be considered as it is framed in culture. In Western society, the belief in the ‘objective’, ‘scientific’ facts produced by news media has influenced how the public perceives these facts as unbiased truth. In this news segment released by FOX, it is interesting to consider how a major news-network such as FOX can (quite overtly) cater to Republican views, even going as far as to demonize perceived ‘threats’ of the liberal agenda. Although [Read More]

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