You have been instructed to read this guide included in your Post-Societal Collapse Family Survival Kit (PSCFSK) under the circumstance that the Sustainable Earth Resource Production Plan (SERPP) has failed to fulfill its ultimate goal of providing a safe and sustainable resource production base for Earth’s Population.  If said circumstance has not yet been met, please return this guide to your PSCFSK for future reference upon total system collapse.   We here at Sustainable Survival Corporations are aware that the total collapse of society as you know it may be [Read More]


                                                                                                                                                                August 15th, 2111 Dear great grandma,   Thank you so much [Read More]

Dec 112011

Dear Past, I remember you used to tell Rebecca and I stories about when you were younger. You told us about traveling around the world when you were the age I am now. The sights of the mountains you climbed in Switzerland, the deserts that you became thirsty in, in Morocco, the tall Eucalyptus forests you smelt and walked though in Australia. Rebecca and I remember every detail of every taste, smell, feeling and sight you experienced. I think you told us over and over again to make sure those [Read More]


Dear Grandpa, I was reflecting on your generation’s insistence on having kids. Whenever someone from your generation would talk about procreating it was always having kids not kid. It confuses me because even in your time people began to realize that the human population of Earth was getting terribly out of hand yet people of your generation selfishly had multiple children. In our time, people have begun to both speak and act in a manner that protects what natural environment we have left. A large part of that is limiting [Read More]

Letters from the Future

Oh MY!!! I just received this letter this morning, and thought I should share it immediately with everyone! If any of you has received any other letters, please post them below in the comments section, or write them in a new post, because all of us should know what the future generations will want to tell us!!