Dec 112011
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“… On the twenty-third half-moon of the recalibrated Traversian cycle, a civil war raged between a race of machine called the Dronatics and their masters and creators, the Mechticians. The last hope of the Mechticians was a carrier spaceship and its flotilla commanded by admiral Cerzach. Losing to the Dronatics advanced weaponry, the Mechticians had no choice but to abandon their home world and space-travel to uncharted coordinates in search of a new world. Having escaped from the Dronatics’ radars, the Mechticians managed to find a new potential home in [Read More]


Until a year ago I believed that Canada, as a nation was a fairly “green” country. That is to say that our country, our government, and major businesses and corporations were working towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable means of living. While researching our country’s stance in last years Climate Change Conference that took place last winter, I was sadly disappointed in our country’s environmental stance. Among the largely negative influence that Canada had, the most terrible, in my eyes, were the Albertan tar sands. The many organizations looking [Read More]


Occupy Movement vs. the Russian Revolution     While following the Occupy Movement these last few months something that really struck me was the similarity between this movement and the Russian Revolution that took place during the early twentieth centuries. Specifically, the division of wealth in Russia at the time, and how it played a major role in changing the political, social, and cultural aspects of Russia. To further illustrate the similarities between the Russian Revolution and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I decided to research the Russian Revolution, the [Read More]


By sociologist William Robinson, a good historically contextualizing piece on global elites and their reaction to change.