Audio Collage, Occupy Vancouver   This is an audio collage of some of the unique vocal elements from the Occupy Movement and our class discussion. I tried to capture important directions that we discussed using some of what I thought was the most interesting, relevant, and encapsulating. Background music was produced and edited by myself at Vancouver Surf Studios (TM). All copyrights reserved. Enjoy.

Occupy "Movement" -Lila Volkas


Occupy Vancouver Photo Timeline

This photo timeline of the Occupy Vancouver movement attempts to portray the constancy of the media and technology, but also technology’s effect on perception. Each picture represents almost every day of the movement within the months of October and November, the copyright limitations of the search causing one or two days to seem undocumented. General search engines reveal otherwise; however, photos, videos, and artwork portraying various aspects of the movement. The type of technology used for each photo is documented to show the scope of technology at present, from Nikon [Read More]

Dec 092011
The Others

When media produces images of certain groups of people, it wields a power to shape public opinion of that group.  When the Occupy movement is discussed by those not directly involved in one of the protests, the occupiers are regularly referred to as “they.”  Dividing them from us in this way is a profound example of the power of media to make people with new ideas into the other.  This is not new, an ability to assign other status.  This image is intended to display that tendency to othering in [Read More]

Photos of the Movement

Here are a few good websites to check out for encouraging Occupy Vancouver photos, helpful to anyone curious about the action at the site. The photos depict the types of changes people are rooting for by completing this demonstration, hoping to change the system by occupying Vancouver.   CTV’s “The many faces of Occupy Vancouver”:   Harryhammer’s Blog “Occupy Wall Street Vancouver Photo Gallery 2”: Occupy 2   BCIT Broadcast Journalism “Occupy Vancouver Photo Gallery”:      

"We are Students"- Lila Volkas

The piece “We are Students” was inspired by the popular video of the events that took place on November 18th, 2011 when peaceful Occupy UC Davis students were pepper sprayed in the face by police. I wanted to explore the role that violence plays in the non-violent Occupy movement. The red and blue background depicts the American public watching this event, while the cameras signify the important role of technology in the documentation and spreading of information of the Occupy movement. The injustice against these students was internationally recognized because [Read More]