Oh MY!!! I just received this letter this morning, and thought I should share it immediately with everyone! If any of you has received any other letters, please post them below in the comments section, or write them in a new post, because all of us should know what the future generations will want to tell us!!


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  1. “This letter is an beautifully written and heart-felt way of addressing the current state of our environment and the neglect to sustain our resources and planet. It is true, eventually the ozone layer will deplete and people won’t be able to walk around under the bare sunlight. Eventually, animals will go extinct, there won’t be any variety in the food eaten because all the plants will have died too. Even in 100 years, the situation we are faced with in North America or the “western world” will still be better than the situations being faced by underdeveloped countries, and we must not lose sight of that, but the future is in the hands of our people, right now. Time to make a change! Recycle, turn all your lights off, shop locally, organically, and only have a two minute shower in the morning. These little changes and sacrifices will make all the difference. Its for your family and the future of mankind!”

  2. […] Lisa’s letter has inspired me to take a broad perspective in our society and look at what it is that is leading us to forget the future. […]

  3. Dear great grandpa,

    Your letter was very comforting, and I am thankful for your sincere answer. It reminded me of the time I sent it… I was just a young girl then, with my mind filled with the beautiful stories that my mother told her at night…

    I am reading this letter now that I am 54, and I have replied to you as soon as I could. The reason why I managed to send you the letter then, and the reason why no one else has around the world, is because my father used to work at the Vancouver Physics Research Center where he was studying astrophysics and time-travel – a top-secret program that has not yet been made public. Only now that I too work at the Research Center at the senior position I have finally managed to read your letter and reply to it with destination Vancouver-December-11-2011.

    There is a reason why I am telling you all this. I’ll get to it in a second. What you first have to know is that we have finally reached the breakthrough! We have finally managed to send not only non-organic materials back in time but also living things! This means that humans can also be moved back in time! There have already been some humans that have been successfully brought back a few hundred years to the enlightenment – what we believe to have been one of the greatest time periods in time. This is an incredible advance for us scientists.

    Businessmen have been proposing to start a monopoly based on time-tourism, to send people back in time for a few years – this would make them billionaires. However, politicians really want to keep this finding top-secret. Some powerful politicians have claimed to be killed with their families but we actually brought them back in time. I can see how this trend will be going on for a while grandpa…

    I think this goes to show you something you didn’t think much about in your letter: the fact that the upward mobility in your, and my, society makes people at the top want to keep the system as it is with minimal changes not only because they are better off in the system but also because of the time, information and resources they have to prepare their individual selves for future shocks to society!

    You talk of a collective ‘us’ in that particular time, and a ‘human condition’ unable to think in the future, but this is not the case at all! Humans in the past made it their law and religion to think for the wellbeing of the future generations. The seven generations concept of the Iroquois exemplifies this: in everything they did they considered the welfare of the seventh generation. What we see in our society is a human condition created through ‘education’, ‘media’ and reiterated through socialization that creates a social consciousness shaped and modeled by those in control of those means for mainly their interests.

    Here I don’t wish to point the finger at politicians in general. What is to blame is the entire size and structure of our system that, with it’s binding laws, has become harder and harder to change and with the growing interest of those at the top to maintain their safety by modeling the social consciousness to their desire.

    With love from the future,

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I really don’t know how else to start this letter, so let me just begin. I would like to tell you how very sorry I am. Not only for the dystopian landscape, but also for the depravity that is your life. Please understand that it was not my intention to bestow your generation with such a desolate existence. It seems petty of me to ask you to understand, but please recognize that it is not just one individual who causes the ravished world you inhabit, but a collection of people.

    I would like to impress upon you that there are people, beautiful people becoming educated on the benefits of maximizing sustainability. Unfortunately, we are a very comfort oriented race, which is why western civilization is being replicated in the majority of the populated world. I wish I could say we can change, but I think that we as people are only doing what is in our nature: to create comfort. It saddens me that we as people are unable to comprehend the concept of “our;” that we share this planet with the future — that our actions have already taken away the very aesthetics of existence from people whom don’t exist. I wish we, as a race, understood that the lives and quality of our lineages’ existence are more important than our petty comforts. Writing this saddens me. Not because our generation did nothing to change things, but because so many have tried so hard to preserve the simple pleasures and failed.

    I wish I could do more, but in all honesty, I do not think that your letter or my actions can change your plight. Your letter proves that backwards time travel is possible, but you see, you sent the letter. You sending the letter implies that you will send it again. If my actions were successful and our world stays beautiful, then you would never have sent this letter, but here it is in my hand: You sent it, therefore whatever I do is unsuccessful. Also, if we as a whole were successful in changing the world, then you would never have sent this letter and no one would know how bleak your future is.

    Even though I feel there is little I can do in changing the horror that is your world, I would like to make clear that I will do whatever I can to not only change my actions, but the actions of the people around me. I hope that I am wrong and that you get to feel the cold spray of that fountain outside your window. I hope that your childhood his spent ambivalent to the monstrosities and selfishness of humans and that you can get lost in splendor of a soundless dawn.

    With the most profound embarrassment,

    Your great grandfather who even though he does not know you, loves you more than you can imagine.

    This letter was written by a friend of mine, Geoffrey Marrow, who was inspired to voice his thoughts on the current condition of our world after reading the letter from Lisa.

  5. December 6 2011
    Dear Lisa,

    I am writing in response to the letter I received from you…this past Sunday? Or perhaps it was Tuesday. Well, it doesn’t matter much at all. I suppose there’s no logic in arguing over time, I mean, considering the peculiar nature of our correspondence.

    Although we don’t know one another, your letter moved me. The condition of your world speaks of the horrors I have only read about in science fiction novels. And yet, it does not strike me as all that far off or improbable. Your world is on fire, and it was myself, us, and the generations before who threw the first match. We never stopped. We did not known how to stop. I hope you understand, we weren’t evil or foolish. We could see the forest through the trees, and as soon as we did, we cut them all down. We built homes from the skin of their bones. Paper, as to write letters much like this one. We saw the earth as an oyster that needed to be shucked. It was ours. We wanted more than nature could afford us. We wanted to be gods, and some of us were. They wore pressed suits and murmured with mouths sealed in red-tape. We worshipped them, and in return, we were given many shiny, new things. Things that meant nothing, and at the same time, everything. It was beauty divorced from truth, with all of us fighting in a war of aesthetics. The madness of it all—a centuries long frenzy—a whole cult of environmental criminals consuming like we did. Our greed growing as insatiable, as relentless, as all-consuming as a cancer. With the cold detachment of a surgeon, we watched the disease of hedonism spread throughout the flesh of the earth, never quite sure what limb to save, and which one to amputate. It was overwhelming. It was exhausting. We had no formal training in the art of living. I mean, even the bible is made of paper. We were all parts to a machine that was so intrinsic that it was nameless. We called it many things. And in this sense, we have given our lives for the shadow of a feeling, for a faceless god. Do you understand? If so, you are closer to the truth than most.

    However, as long as there is man, there is hope. I am not sure how time works, but I do believe in the power of a new beginning. There are many of us out there. We do not impose with the force of a nuclear storehouse, but with the weapons of our words, and the conviction of our all too human hearts. There is a sickness engulfing our planet, and through small measures, we may reduce the impact of the fever that has taken over your world. For instance, we are moving towards reducing our carbon output by promoting public transportation, recycling, and sustainable living. We are looking into alternative fuel sources. We are working to equalize the distribution of food and water. We are challenging the gods that have been intoxicated with their own power. Slowly, we are waking up from a long coma. And if the world will still have us, then perhaps we may still have time to make our peace with it. To live as we were intended to live: with rather than against the land and those animals you have known only in passing conversation. I have faith in the perseverance of all that is good, of all that is beautiful as well as truthful.

    With the utmost love and faith,

    your great grandfather