The call and support for the environment seems to have been forgotten among the demands of the occupiers. In fact it has been noted that those who are part of the Occupy Movement are unaware of the technological gadgets they use while simultaneously waging war on the very corporations who produce them. The irony is certainly palpable.

These two clips are to inspire us to remember what it is we risk losing in nature. Financial greed doesn’t only take a toll on people; the environment suffers too.

I received this second clip through the EANTH list serve, and the email was titled “BEAUTIFUL Environmental Anthropology.” The imagery really struck me. I would like to see people fighting for the protection of nature as passionately as they are fighting against the 1%. I want to see people fighting to ensure our children will be able to drink water from unpolluted streams. I want them to recall that surge of exhilaration when faced with miles of untouched hills of green moss, and an expanse of sky that seems to go on forever. I want them to keep this alive for their own children to experience.