The idea for this graphic came from a discussion in class one day. I heard a comment about the different motivations for Occupy Movements around the world and thought it was interesting how motivations differed in different locations. So I tried to show the difference between Occupy US and Occupy Canada through a graphic model. It think this type of representation shows an interesting yet related contrast. The roots of each movement is inevitably intertwined through basic economic and governmental forces that promote progressive and unsustainable capitalism. From there each movement is fed by specific sources of problematic roots. At the top of each tree is the manifestation of Occupy and its implications to the people below who forage its poisonous fruits of labor. But people in high places such as those represented by skyscrapers have access to the beneficial outcomes of such a movement. The gardener is symbolic as well, he/she tries to prune the trees of its excessive growth but cannot reach all of it. The gardener also represents the people that actively participate in the movement.

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