You have been instructed to read this guide included in your Post-Societal Collapse Family Survival Kit (PSCFSK) under the circumstance that the Sustainable Earth Resource Production Plan (SERPP) has failed to fulfill its ultimate goal of providing a safe and sustainable resource production base for Earth’s Population.  If said circumstance has not yet been met, please return this guide to your PSCFSK for future reference upon total system collapse.


We here at Sustainable Survival Corporations are aware that the total collapse of society as you know it may be frightening and overwhelming to some, however, we encourage everyone to please remain calm to increase your chances of survival.  S.S. Corp. is determined to help you and your family cope with the changes you may experience over the coming weeks, months, and possibly years.  Please follow this set of instructions and rules to maintain order and increase your chances of living to see our society rise to power once again!


  1. Do not panic, your family’s immediate needs of sustenance have been supplied in the form of S.S. Corp.’s patented Condensed Nourishment Pellets that you will find in your PSCFSK.
  2. Begin gathering non-perishable food items immediately as the Condensed Nourishment Pellets will only provide caloric emulation for 10 days.
  3. Follow the instructions to assemble your S.S. Corp. patented Rainwater Collection Apparatus above your home.  You will need to begin collecting fresh water immediately or face dehydration and loss of life.
  4. Your electrical appliances will cease to function shortly as all power is quickly drained from our electrical grid following the loss of all fuel sources.  If you wish to continue to utilize electricity, the hoarding of leftover fossil fuels will be necessary as well as the use of your S.S. Corp. patented Electrical Generator.
  5. As food sources diminish, please remove you and your family from high-density urban environments and disperse yourselves amongst the surrounding environment.  If we as a species are to survive without large-scale food production, individual production will be necessary.  Please remember your genetically modified S.S. Corp. Agricultural Staple Production Seeds for use in fertile and well irrigated soil in a strictly temperate climate.
  6. You and your family will need shelter from the elements.  Remember to bring your S.S. Corp. patented Emergency Survival Shelter Unit which you will find in the bottom of your PSCFSK.  This unit will protect your family for a maximum of one month, please take precautions to construct a more permanent shelter in your new habitat.
  7. Please keep all radio transmissions to a minimum as we attempt to keep order in communications amongst our now leaderless society.

Finally, keep your spirits high and remember that as soon as Earth’s population drops below 25 billion humans, we may begin to re-establish our society under the sustainable food production capabilities of our planet.  If you follow these instructions and all other materials found in your PSCFSK, you and your family will be one of the lucky 25 billion to forge a new human empire where all will prosper.


This guide has been provided to you by Sustainable Survival Corporations as part of your government issued Post-Societal Collapse Family Survival Kit.  All materials are property of Sustainable Survival Corporations and unauthorized distribution of these products and guides will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.