Dec 152011
The Swarm

  Above is a link to a video that shows and explains a few of the techniques used at the Occupy Movement to convey messages across big, open spaces. One of the techniques is the “Human Microphone” where one person who is presenting a point speaks and others who can hear what that person is saying can repeat it back loudly to the other people around them. In this way the message is amplified so that all can hear. They use ‘Mic-check!’ to get the human microphone back onto the [Read More]

The Demographics of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been characterized by the media as unemployed youth or aging hippies who are looking to rekindle the protest movements of the 1960’s. The Denver Police Department went as far a calling the protesters in that city “grungy hippies” and “yahoos.” The actual on the ground demographics of the dedicated Wall Street protesters show a somewhat different reality. Douglas E. Schoen conducted a survey of face-to-face interviews of self-identified protesters in Zuccotti Park on October 10 and 11th to see exactly who the protesters actually [Read More]

The Global Financial Crisis Explained

Ever wondered what caused the financial crisis which triggered the Occupy movement? Here’s a quick summary of what went wrong: So say a person wants to buy a house. Houses are expensive, so there’s a good chance they won’t be able to afford one on their own.   In that case, a person can take out a mortgage with a bank, which is basically an agreement that the bank will loan the person money, and if the person fails to pay it back, the bank will take the house instead [Read More]

Occupy FAQ: A Quick Introduction to the Occupy Movement

What is Occupy Wall Street? The “Occupy Movement” seems to be all over the news these days. They set up tent cities all over the world and have members protesting in dozens of different cities. But what are they protesting exactly? Why did they decide to occupy Wall Street, and how did they wind up occupying so many other streets as well? This page aims to provide basic background information about the movement and to answer questions like these. What Are They Protesting Exactly? The Occupy Wall Street movement was [Read More]

Photos of the Movement

Here are a few good websites to check out for encouraging Occupy Vancouver photos, helpful to anyone curious about the action at the site. The photos depict the types of changes people are rooting for by completing this demonstration, hoping to change the system by occupying Vancouver.   CTV’s “The many faces of Occupy Vancouver”:   Harryhammer’s Blog “Occupy Wall Street Vancouver Photo Gallery 2”: Occupy 2   BCIT Broadcast Journalism “Occupy Vancouver Photo Gallery”:      

Why are the 99% occupying Wall Street?

  The video link would be good starting material for people wishing to understand the background that caused the 99% to congregate and start Occupy Wall Street. The video aims to provide a conscience to the occupy movements and attempts to promote viewers to take the side of the majority. There are numerous political and historical references used in the video, the majority of which I am personally unfamiliar with. The video is heavily edited; with the director snipping out blurbs of speeches from specific politicians and business owners with [Read More]

Dec 072011 This is a link to the Occupy Wall Street page for anyone interested in what the movement stands for.

Nov 302011

Below is a video clip which exposes the people behind the financial crisis that sparked the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Director’s Statement: “Generations of American taxpayers have bailed out today’s big banks to the tune of $12 trillion (New York Times, July 2011). That is $83,000 p American taxpayer, plus interest. Still today, the big banks gamble with government (taxpayer) backing – a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ scenario. This absurd scenario obliterates any notion of a true free-market society, we are slowly being reduced to a feudal society: [Read More]