The following is taken from a class discussion that was held by our Ecological Anthropology 360 class (the creators of this blog). We thought it important to have a group discussion about the Occupy Movement to get a sense of people’s thoughts, and share our ideas with each other. We had previously spent weeks researching what others thought and said about the movement and hadn’t had a chance to find out what our own thoughts were as a class.   We opened with a very general question:   Do you [Read More]

Nov 232011
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The Occupy Movements: an anthropological view In what ways can we see this social movement as a “system change with conscious purpose”? How does it compare to other cases of human system change in deep or recent history? This blog is a group creation of the Ecological Anthropology class at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. As a final class project, we are reading, writing and analysing this social movement from an ecological perspective, that is, as a moment when the entities, relations and processes of social and change [Read More]

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