Dec 152011
Raw Milk

It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it. -Upton Sinclair Our food freedoms are increasingly in danger. Big Corporate Food mandates what we can and cannot eat. Health Canada and the FDA say raw milk is dangerous and makes people sick. Why? Why are the government and big food corporations restricting our access to traditional, natural, healthful foods such as raw milk? I believe it is because of two reasons: 1. Our lives are increasingly mediated by big corporations [Read More]


Treading lightly upon the earth is within everyone’s grasp, and is a natural consequence of becoming more conscious of our ecology. Bateson writes, “When we view the individual…as a part of the larger system which is individual + environment, the whole appearance of adaptation and purpose changes.”[1] All humans are part of a larger system, one that has outlived its purpose and is sounding the death knell.  It is beginning to crumble from within.  Is it hopeless, then?  Is all lost?  I don’t believe so, no.  I believe that we [Read More]

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Dec 152011
The Swarm

  Above is a link to a video that shows and explains a few of the techniques used at the Occupy Movement to convey messages across big, open spaces. One of the techniques is the “Human Microphone” where one person who is presenting a point speaks and others who can hear what that person is saying can repeat it back loudly to the other people around them. In this way the message is amplified so that all can hear. They use ‘Mic-check!’ to get the human microphone back onto the [Read More]

Dec 152011
Real Food

Many of my classmates have written thought-provoking articles about critical issues surrounding the Occupy movements.  One significant issue is food freedoms, and how our individual rights to partake of real food are increasingly in danger.  In this article I will provide practical suggestions and ideas about what individuals can do to take steps to effect positive change.  It begins with education about real food versus artificial food. Big food corporations have hijacked our food systems and replaced real food with boxed, canned, highly processed, and additive and chemical-rich artificial foods [Read More]

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The call and support for the environment seems to have been forgotten among the demands of the occupiers. In fact it has been noted that those who are part of the Occupy Movement are unaware of the technological gadgets they use while simultaneously waging war on the very corporations who produce them. The irony is certainly palpable. These two clips are to inspire us to remember what it is we risk losing in nature. Financial greed doesn’t only take a toll on people; the environment suffers too. I received this second [Read More]


  I am shocked to see how many people do not seem to support the Occupy Movement. Many of my classmates, and indeed some of my close friends continue to find fault with some aspect of it. While there are some characteristics that I myself question, as a whole, I support the movement, and I believe in it.   Some faction of society has criticized every great movement when it began. Think of the movement to end slavery, or the movement for women’s rights. This doesn’t mean that it will [Read More]

Traditional Ecological Knowledge – Using Traditional Food Production Methods to Minimize our Impact.

            Modern Western agricultural processes are generally not considered to be sustainable in the long run.  It’s only a matter of time before we exhaust the Earth’s finite resources and can no longer supply our population with the food it needs to survive.  There are many problems associated with modern Western methods, which include its reliance of fossil fuels, its inefficiency, its environmentally damaging nature, and many more.  On the other hand, traditional ecological knowledge is both locally specific, and holistic (Menzies et. al. 2006).  It [Read More]


  Generation WE: The Movement Begins.. IMPORTANT: CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. This video comes from . Generation We is a movement to encourage youth born between 1978 and 2000 to step up and vote, because the total population is greater than their parents. It encourages this generation to promote change, to curb consumerism and find solutions to environmental problems. It highlights the need to revolutionalize the economy and to support medical research. It is essentially stating that system change is within this generation. We just have [Read More]

Dec 112011

Dear Past, I remember you used to tell Rebecca and I stories about when you were younger. You told us about traveling around the world when you were the age I am now. The sights of the mountains you climbed in Switzerland, the deserts that you became thirsty in, in Morocco, the tall Eucalyptus forests you smelt and walked though in Australia. Rebecca and I remember every detail of every taste, smell, feeling and sight you experienced. I think you told us over and over again to make sure those [Read More]


MA Guest Speaker from The University of British Columbia[1] The Occupy Wall Street Movement started on September 17th 2011 in New York City has spread across the continent, creating awareness as well as conflict in major cities across the US and Canada. The fallout from the movement has created many other Occupy Movements, such as the Occupy Canada Movement and the Occupy Vancouver movement in Vancouver, British Columbia. The movement focuses on protesting economic inequality as well as high rates of unemployment and corruption within major corporations. The movement especially [Read More]

Occupy Wall Street promoting energy self-sufficiency

Energy self-sufficiency and environmentalism have been indirectly promoted by the Occupy Wall Street movement due to the 1%’s poor use of inefficient and high cost fossil fuels. The economics of energy use have fueled a public demand for a cleaner and cheaper energy source exemplified by movements such as “Occupy Rooftops”, by the organization Solar Mosaic. The Occupy Rooftop movement attempts to show that any individual can start a self-sufficient and energetically clean community by using solar panels as a clean re-usable energy source. These panels are then placed on [Read More]

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"The High Price of Materialism"

This is a short animation narrated by psychologist Tim Kasser. Kasser describes the vehicle of the American dream and how to shift to a ‘new dream’ more which is more “socially just and ecologically sustainable”. He discusses: 1) The effects of marketed materialism on citizens a) The illusion of happiness b) Insecurity c) Depression 2) How to counter materialism’s effects a) Protect yourself and your community from the media b) Promote and build a life embedded in “intrinsic values” (personal growth, being close to family and friends and a sense [Read More]

Surviving Progress: a film inspired by Ronald Wright's A Short History of Progress

Surviving Progress, a film by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks, is inspired by Ronald Wright’s book A Short History of Progress. As mentioned by other members of this blog, our Ecological Anthropology class read Wright’s book earlier this year. This film covers the same basic framework that Wright’s book does, but also expands on it and approaches the issue at hand from numerous perspectives. Essentially, like Wright’s book, this film deals with the ever-pressing issue surrounding the need for a global system change. Everyday, the world becomes more and more [Read More]

Letters from the Future

Oh MY!!! I just received this letter this morning, and thought I should share it immediately with everyone! If any of you has received any other letters, please post them below in the comments section, or write them in a new post, because all of us should know what the future generations will want to tell us!!  


First Official Declaration of the Occupation of New York City “As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not
lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by
the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies. “As one people, formerly divided by the color of our skin, gender, sexual orientation,religion, or lack thereof, political party and cultural background, we acknowledge 
the reality: that there is only one race, the human race, and [Read More]

The “Green” Garden

I find it very interesting that the world is becoming more and more intrigued in becoming “green”. The meaning of “green” however, depends on which perspective one looks at things. For example it is green to grow your own lettuce, but it is not green to use chemical fertilizers to insure that your lettuce grows. I believe it is important for people to understand where consumer products come from and what they are made of. It is also important to understand what products do to our human bodies and our [Read More]