Mohammed Bouazizi worked as vegetable street Vendor in the small North African nation of Tunisia. With this one man’s rebellious but inspirational act, the foundations of the Occupy Wall Street Movement were forged on the 17th of December, 2011. Mohammed Bouazizi purchased vegetable produce on Credit in order to sell food goods to the public. As Bouazizi was a father of eight his family’s necessities were a top priority. He was a graduated University student that failed to find a job out of post-secondary. Tunisia’s Government corruption created a dysfunctional [Read More]

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The Protests that started the Domino Effect of Arab Spring begun in Tunisia after the moving act of Mohammed Bouazizi when he set himself on fire in front of a political office. The Social System of Tunisia was both economically and political fractured due to how its corrupt Government structured society. Interactions, services and authorities were all shaped to oppress the public whilst keeping the authoritarian regime in place. In Tunisia’s Social System the institutions and policies inflicted by the Government severely cut off the people’s liberty to interacting freely [Read More]

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