Intrinsic Roots: Differences Between Occupy US and Canada

    The idea for this graphic came from a discussion in class one day. I heard a comment about the different motivations for Occupy Movements around the world and thought it was interesting how motivations differed in different locations. So I tried to show the difference between Occupy US and Occupy Canada through a graphic model. It think this type of representation shows an interesting yet related contrast. The roots of each movement is inevitably intertwined through basic economic and governmental forces that promote progressive and unsustainable capitalism. From [Read More]

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Audio Collage, Occupy Vancouver   This is an audio collage of some of the unique vocal elements from the Occupy Movement and our class discussion. I tried to capture important directions that we discussed using some of what I thought was the most interesting, relevant, and encapsulating. Background music was produced and edited by myself at Vancouver Surf Studios (TM). All copyrights reserved. Enjoy.


What do you know about the Occupy Movement? And how do you know what you do? You might have watched the news or read stories online. But I’m guessing many actively and inactively followed your friends and families reactions on twitter, facebook, or  to setting up base camp on September 17th. You may have “liked” or commented on shocking, satirical, powerful, and influential pictures from all over the world, reposted hundreds of thousands of times. Think about what your mother knows about Occupy. She may say what my mother might say. [Read More]

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