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Dec 152011
Raw Milk

It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it. -Upton Sinclair Our food freedoms are increasingly in danger. Big Corporate Food mandates what we can and cannot eat. Health Canada and the FDA say raw milk is dangerous and makes people sick. Why? Why are the government and big food corporations restricting our access to traditional, natural, healthful foods such as raw milk? I believe it is because of two reasons: 1. Our lives are increasingly mediated by big corporations [Read More]


Treading lightly upon the earth is within everyone’s grasp, and is a natural consequence of becoming more conscious of our ecology. Bateson writes, “When we view the individual…as a part of the larger system which is individual + environment, the whole appearance of adaptation and purpose changes.”[1] All humans are part of a larger system, one that has outlived its purpose and is sounding the death knell.  It is beginning to crumble from within.  Is it hopeless, then?  Is all lost?  I don’t believe so, no.  I believe that we [Read More]

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Dec 152011
The Swarm

  Above is a link to a video that shows and explains a few of the techniques used at the Occupy Movement to convey messages across big, open spaces. One of the techniques is the “Human Microphone” where one person who is presenting a point speaks and others who can hear what that person is saying can repeat it back loudly to the other people around them. In this way the message is amplified so that all can hear. They use ‘Mic-check!’ to get the human microphone back onto the [Read More]

Our Hijacked Food Systems by janmin
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Dec 152011
Real Food

Many of my classmates have written thought-provoking articles about critical issues surrounding the Occupy movements.  One significant issue is food freedoms, and how our individual rights to partake of real food are increasingly in danger.  In this article I will provide practical suggestions and ideas about what individuals can do to take steps to effect positive change.  It begins with education about real food versus artificial food. Big food corporations have hijacked our food systems and replaced real food with boxed, canned, highly processed, and additive and chemical-rich artificial foods [Read More]

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Mohammed Bouazizi worked as vegetable street Vendor in the small North African nation of Tunisia. With this one man’s rebellious but inspirational act, the foundations of the Occupy Wall Street Movement were forged on the 17th of December, 2011. Mohammed Bouazizi purchased vegetable produce on Credit in order to sell food goods to the public. As Bouazizi was a father of eight his family’s necessities were a top priority. He was a graduated University student that failed to find a job out of post-secondary. Tunisia’s Government corruption created a dysfunctional [Read More]

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The Protests that started the Domino Effect of Arab Spring begun in Tunisia after the moving act of Mohammed Bouazizi when he set himself on fire in front of a political office. The Social System of Tunisia was both economically and political fractured due to how its corrupt Government structured society. Interactions, services and authorities were all shaped to oppress the public whilst keeping the authoritarian regime in place. In Tunisia’s Social System the institutions and policies inflicted by the Government severely cut off the people’s liberty to interacting freely [Read More]

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Occupying Ports Concerns

Standing in solidarity with a Seattle Union of longshore man who are being subjected to union busting the Occupy movement turns it’s sights to the Ports of Vancouver. “I understand where they are coming from but they just seem like very angry people…kind of blinded and avoid or don’t get into exposing the specific issues. They are still important points but it still feels too general. I’m worried they are loosing support,” Michael Harrhy a concerned Canadian citizen states. The targets of the recent Occupy Ports Protest were  terminal operators SSA Marine [Read More]


In many ways food systems guide the shape and boundaries of culture.  For decades anthropologists have noted the connections between food systems and carrying capacities to social and cultural forms of expression and organization.  Anthropologists often cite the development of agriculture in Mesopotamia and the simultaneous population growth and urban developments.  But less often do we hear how combinations of environmental, political factors, and over exploitation led to the eventual collapse of robust urban centers even in ancient times.  Through an exploration of our own food systems a better understanding [Read More]


The media here in Vancouver, Canada gave the local occupy movement a lot of attention.  Through this study I seek to explore and identify certain trends in print and online media articles related to the initial protest and later encampment.  I examine free articles, from weekly and daily print magazines such as the metro, the straight and various online sources.  Because of the nature of the studies variables, results are not objective, but reflect my personal understanding of the media articles in question.   Throughout the occupation at the Vancouver [Read More]


The call and support for the environment seems to have been forgotten among the demands of the occupiers. In fact it has been noted that those who are part of the Occupy Movement are unaware of the technological gadgets they use while simultaneously waging war on the very corporations who produce them. The irony is certainly palpable. These two clips are to inspire us to remember what it is we risk losing in nature. Financial greed doesn’t only take a toll on people; the environment suffers too. I received this second [Read More]


  I am shocked to see how many people do not seem to support the Occupy Movement. Many of my classmates, and indeed some of my close friends continue to find fault with some aspect of it. While there are some characteristics that I myself question, as a whole, I support the movement, and I believe in it.   Some faction of society has criticized every great movement when it began. Think of the movement to end slavery, or the movement for women’s rights. This doesn’t mean that it will [Read More]

Intrinsic Roots: Differences Between Occupy US and Canada

    The idea for this graphic came from a discussion in class one day. I heard a comment about the different motivations for Occupy Movements around the world and thought it was interesting how motivations differed in different locations. So I tried to show the difference between Occupy US and Occupy Canada through a graphic model. It think this type of representation shows an interesting yet related contrast. The roots of each movement is inevitably intertwined through basic economic and governmental forces that promote progressive and unsustainable capitalism. From [Read More]

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Audio Collage, Occupy Vancouver   This is an audio collage of some of the unique vocal elements from the Occupy Movement and our class discussion. I tried to capture important directions that we discussed using some of what I thought was the most interesting, relevant, and encapsulating. Background music was produced and edited by myself at Vancouver Surf Studios (TM). All copyrights reserved. Enjoy.


What do you know about the Occupy Movement? And how do you know what you do? You might have watched the news or read stories online. But I’m guessing many actively and inactively followed your friends and families reactions on twitter, facebook, or  to setting up base camp on September 17th. You may have “liked” or commented on shocking, satirical, powerful, and influential pictures from all over the world, reposted hundreds of thousands of times. Think about what your mother knows about Occupy. She may say what my mother might say. [Read More]

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You have been instructed to read this guide included in your Post-Societal Collapse Family Survival Kit (PSCFSK) under the circumstance that the Sustainable Earth Resource Production Plan (SERPP) has failed to fulfill its ultimate goal of providing a safe and sustainable resource production base for Earth’s Population.  If said circumstance has not yet been met, please return this guide to your PSCFSK for future reference upon total system collapse.   We here at Sustainable Survival Corporations are aware that the total collapse of society as you know it may be [Read More]

Traditional Ecological Knowledge – Using Traditional Food Production Methods to Minimize our Impact.

            Modern Western agricultural processes are generally not considered to be sustainable in the long run.  It’s only a matter of time before we exhaust the Earth’s finite resources and can no longer supply our population with the food it needs to survive.  There are many problems associated with modern Western methods, which include its reliance of fossil fuels, its inefficiency, its environmentally damaging nature, and many more.  On the other hand, traditional ecological knowledge is both locally specific, and holistic (Menzies et. al. 2006).  It [Read More]

Overpopulation - How Many More Mouths Can We Feed?

Various articles have shown up in the news recently regarding a prediction that the Earth’s human population would reach 7 billion by the end of 2011.  We are all familiar with the “hockey stick” graph of human population growth.  This graph has been commonly used to show the exponential rise in human population and therefore illustrate how our impact on the Earth is greatly increasing every day.  It was used, with great success, in Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” to exemplify how easy it is for the human [Read More]

Dec 122011
The Sun, Our Savior

I first met Joel Bellenson in my Commercial Drive neighborhood when I was working at a café where he was a regular. I overheard him on more than one occasion talking about hydroponics and I knew that he was a scientist and geneticist. So when it came time for me to write about food systems and the Occupy Movement I knew Bellenson would have some interesting insights for me. Originally from a very conservative suburb of LA, Bellenson was a computer programmer as a child. He went to Stanford University [Read More]